8 Fastest Female Kpop Rappers That You Should Love (2023)

The South Korean music industry has been taking over the world by storm. More popular by its Pop and Hip-Hop music, artists of almost all genres are getting recognition all over the world. Apart from polishing the naturally talented trainees, the Kpop industry has quite a name for curating their own idols from probable future stars. There are countless survival shows, training camps, and so many other ways where people take part in. These trainees have to undergo harsh training environments and multiple eliminations rounds before they are deemed fit as a Kpop idol. The training varies depending on the position the trainee will debut as. The main categories for these trainings are vocalists, rappers, and dancers.

Almost all Korean pop bands, girl groups, and boy groups alike have both vocalists as well as rappers. There are many talented idols that can both rap and sing. There are many talented female rappers in the Kpop industry, and having to choose the best ones is a difficult job. Following is a list of some of the fastest rappers in the industry currently, along with the speed with which they spit bars. These female rappers are either soloists or a member of a Kpop band. Some even double role as vocalists, and some have their own solo albums out as well. Check them out!

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Moonbyul, rapper of Mamamoo

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Fastest Female Kpop Rappers

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1. Momo from Twice

6.88 syllables per second and 55 syllables per 8 seconds

Momo Hirai is a Japanese-Korean artist based in South Korea. She’s a singer, dancer, and a sub-rapper of the infamous band “Twice” under JYP Entertainment. Although she’s not a lead rapper, her rap skills are no joke. She can spit bars faster than most of the lead rappers of other kpop groups. She’s one of the most popular kpop artists who is not Korean. This popularity has been told to help the relationship between the two countries. Momo was personally scouted after her video of her dancing with her sister went viral online.

Although they both auditioned, only Momo was successful and joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee in 2012. Momo was chosen as a member of Twice through a survival show, “Sixteen”, where she was originally eliminated but brought back in the end.

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Momo from Twice

2. Exy from WJSN

7.00 syllables per second and 56 syllables in 8 seconds

Chu So Jung, professionally known by her stage name “Exy” is a member of the South Korean – Chinese girl group called “WJSN”. She’s the leader of the group and also the singer, songwriter, and rapper. Exy’s career started as a contestant on the show “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015 and later starred in a drama the same year. Her debut was in the year 2016 as a member of the band WJSN, with the release of the lead singles “Mo Mo Mo” and “Catch Me”.

Exy started he solo career in 2017 when she collaborated with Euna Kim on her single “Love Therapy”. Exy’s debut as a songwriter was in 2018 with the song “Thawing” for her own band. She’s seen showing off her acting skills lately, and in her latest JTBC drama “Idol: The Coup”. Exy’s exceptional rapping skills are noticed profusely in the song “Wipe Out”.

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3. Chaeyoung from Twice

7.00 syllables per second and 56 syllables per 8 seconds

Son Chae Young is a South Korean rapper and singer and is a member of the infamous K-pop girl group “Twice”. Chaeyoung has experience prior to joining JYP Entertainment as a trainee, as she took dance and singing lessons for more than a year. Although she auditioned to join as a singer, she took training to be a rapper shortly after joining. Chaeyoung was a contestant on the survival show “Sixteen” in 2015 and was one of the last nine winners who would join the band. She is the first member of the band to get writing credits for writing her own rap in one of their songs.

Although she started off as a singer, her rapping skills are nothing less than a professional’s. Obviously, or else she wouldn’t have been in this list of fastest rappers. She still uses her singing skills as the sub-vocalist of the group and does justice to all the parts she has to play in the band.

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Chaeyoung from Twice

4. Dami from Dreamcatcher

7.13 syllables per second and 57 syllables per 8 seconds

Lee Yu Bin, more popularly known as Dami, is the main rapper of the girl group “Dreamcatcher” under the Dreamcatcher company. She had her debut in 2014 as a member of the former band MINX. In 2016, the company decided to rebrand the band under the name “Dreamcatcher” with the addition of two new members. The band debuted in 2017 with the main single “Nightmare”, which was a huge hit. Dami is more particularly known because of her deep and raspy voice, along with the way she is able to harmonize herself with the vocalists. Although she is intense with her raps, she is able to control and use her voice as to when and how it is needed, which is unlike a lot of other female rappers.

5. CL from 2ne1

7.38 syllables per second and 59 syllables per 8 seconds

Lee Chae Rin of 2ne1, more popularly known as CL, is a multitalented Kpop idol. She is a singer, songwriter, and super talented rapper. CL was originally a trainee under JYP Entertainment before she joined YG Entertainment. She had her debut as a member of 2NE1 in 2009, with the other members as their leader and rapper of the band. The songs from 2NE1’s debut album’s extended version bagged them the “Song of the Year” title, which made them the first rookie group to win a daesang the same year as their debut.

CL has had collaborations with idols like G-Dragon, Minzy and others. CL’s first single, “Hello Bitches” which was released in 2015, debuted at rank number 97 of Billboard’s Music Awards. CL’s rapping skills got her featured on the songs of some of the top hip-hop and pop artists. She was featured in Diplo’s “Doctor Pepper”, Psy’s “Daddy”, Lil Yachty’s “Surrender” and has even recorded the soundtrack to the movie “My Little Pony: The Movie”.

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CL from 2NE1

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6. Jennie from Blackpink

7.63 syllables per second and 61 syllables per 8 seconds

Kim Jennie who has taken the world by storm as a member of the world’s most famous Kpop girl group. Jennie’s ability to speak in English has helped her tremendously as a rapper. When she joined YG Entertainment as a trainee, she would be asked to cover English pop songs a lot. And since most of the western pop songs have rap parts in their songs, Jennie would be the one to end up rapping those parts. This happened because she was the only trainee there who knew English at a high level.

A trainer suggested that Jennie try rapping in Korean since she is able to rap so well in English. From here on, Jennie started her career in rapping. Jennie’s voice is suitable both as a rapper and a vocalist, which is why she is considered an all-rounder. Her first solo single, “Solo” broke multiple records all over the world. The song became platinum certified by the KMCA and even topped the Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart.

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Jennie Kim from Blackpink

7. Yezi from Fiestar

7.88 syllables per second and 63 syllables per 8 seconds

Lee Ye Ji is a rapper and singer of the Kpop girl group “Fiestar”. More popularly known as Yezi, she had her debut in 2012, after which she took part in the survival show “Unpretty Rapstar 2” in 2015, which is a show for female rappers to showcase their skills. Although originally Yezi gained fame as a singer and a dancer, she quickly made her image as a rapper as well. She started her career in rap while she was still on the set of Unpretty Rapstar when she released two of her singles.

The songs featured some of the top rappers like Jay Park, Loco, and Hanhae. The songs were a hit and gave her more fame than she ever got as a member of FIESTAR. Yezi continued her rap career and released her first solo album in 2016 as a maxi-single called “Foresight Dream”.

8. Soyeon from G(I)-DLE

8.00 syllables per second and 64 syllables per 8 seconds

Jeon So-Yeon is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer working under Cube Entertainment. More famously known as Soyeon, she was the leader and lead rapper of her band (G)I-DLE. Soyeon was a well-recognized face way before her debut in 2017. She was a contestant in the survival show “Produce 101” in 2016. She ranked at 20 at the end of the show and was unable to debut back then. In the same year, Soyeon participated in another survival show called “Unpretty Rapster”.

In this show, female rappers would showcase their skills and have their work be featured in an album the show will put out. Soyeon won this show as a runner-up and joined Cube Entertainment right after. She has the highest bars in the kpop industry than any other female artist does at the moment.

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Soyeon from G(I)-DLE

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